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Results from a profile test: “You prefer to connect past and future to make forecasts and predictions. While planning and creating for the future, you prefer to challenge existing approaches. You prefer to consider a variety of possibilities and won’t shy away from risk when designing future trends.”

I say: “You need to be able to see the whole
picture before you can take the first step.”
It all started with writing. I wrote short stories, long stories, tall stories, all kinds of stories as a child. Even essays were fun. My dad once said: “Hey, you like writing so much and you like watching TV, why don’t you write scripts for TV ads?” And that’s how I got into copywriting.

I’ve since realised that it wasn’t the writing or the TV so much as the stories that I liked.
For Bill Bernbach, (the B in DDB) it was all about ‘Art & Copy’ as he changed the industry by putting art directors and copywriters together. For Rei Inamoto, (CCO of AKQA, the world’s most-awarded digital agency) it’s all about the marriage of ‘Art & Code’.

In an ever-changing environment the important thing to note is that ‘art’ is a constant. And I believe that art is ideas brought to life. So it’s actually all about ideas. And armadillos.